Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill is more than a local bar experience. Whether you are meeting friends and family or just enjoying an outing alone, Prime Time provides an atmosphere where all customers are able to enjoy the bar equally.

“Always striving to make improvements, we at Prime Time continually look to improve our guests’ experiences.” –Rich Hickam, Owner of Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill

Implementing concepts of cutting edge technology, quality furnishings, a variety of entertainment and comfortable seating areas, Prime Time is committed to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our Story

Rich Hickam began his career in the tavern industry in 1983. He followed a long line of family members, all long-term Springfield residents, who had also been in the industry since the early 1960’s. Growing up in Springfield and graduating from Thurston High School, Rich had an opportunity to create a neighborhood bar that would provide a place for folks to enjoy a clean and fun bar with a friendly atmosphere. Soon thereafter, Prime Time Sports Bar began to take shape.

The current Prime Time Building was originally a King’s Table buffet-style restaurant that became available for purchase in 1995. Rich and his family purchased the facility and Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill officially opened for business on December 31, 1995 with a goal of providing a neighborhood bar that provided beer, wine and some good food.

Rich raised his family in Springfield and Prime Time has been family run from its inception. Rich and his children (Jason & Bryan Martorano and Lindsey Shew) are very invested in their community being either Springfield or Thurston High School Alumni. Along with family members, current and past staff members have all contributed to the success and growth of Prime Time. Server staff members consistently provide exceptional customer service, cooks prepare quality dishes, many from scratch, and all staff members show a commitment to moving Prime Time into the next phases of growth. With the steadfastness of family and staff, Prime Time has become the success it is today.